Labrador Retriever

Senior Chocolate Labrador Retriever in Huffington Post

26 Jun: Huffington Post

Bailey in an Article about Older Dogs by Huffington Post Bailey a 14-year-old Chocolate Labrador Retriever modeling for an article, “A Day After #NationalPuppyDay, Remember Older Dogs Need Love Too – why adopting a senior dog might be the best choice.”…

Yellow Labrador Retriever dog on Nutrience dog food

05 Jun: Packaging for Nutrience dog food


01 Feb: Southeast Financial Credit Union


18 Oct: Nutrience Puppy Formula Food

Photography of Chocolate Labrador Retriever dogs on the cover of a calendar

27 Jun: Cover of Just Chocolate Labs Calendar

Black Labrador Retriever photograph on the cover of Just Labs magazine

07 Jun: Cover of Just Labs magazine