Tyson Sneaks Into the Family

Tyson was a boarding dog.  He started staying with me when he was about 4 months old. His dad had a job where he was out of town every other week. Some people would not have gotten a dog with that kind of schedule are quickly found out they couldn’t handle it but Tyson’s dad knew exactly what he was doing and was dedicated to making it work. So Tyson lived with us for about half his life all the way up until he was 2 when I shut down the business and returned to California.  I loved all the dogs that stayed with us, but always knew they were going back home to their own family..  But since Tyson was always coming back, I let him sneak into my heart more than most. And his incredibly sweet, snuggly, silly personality was impossible to resist. This dog had such a great life (and still does).  Half his life was spent running around the forest, swimming and playing with lots of other doggie friends when he stayed with me. He and my black lab were best friends, attached at the hip.  And when his dad was back in town from work, he was an only dog, spoiled rotten and very loved by his dad and mom. Returning to San Diego was an easy decision for me with only one exception.  On our goodbye to Tyson and his lovely family, graciously said that Tyson did not know that he technically wasn’t ‘my dog’ as well as theirs. We sure miss him, but have kept in touch so we still get to hear how he’s doing!

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