Foster Dog Jack


Meet Jack.  A crazy crazy crazy German Shorthair Pointer. Jack came to me after being found as a stray in Washington, was bounced around a few shelters and a few people. This led to issues with Jack, as can happen with dogs from the shelter, and also because his breed is more susceptible. He was thin, probably found that way, but he also had worms and had been living under stress. He had what you call ‘resource guarding’. Insecurity made him want to guard everything. Me from my own dogs. He ‘went after’ both my girls several times. First, my Doberman and she wasn’t having it, so next, he tried my sweet innocent Lab but surprisingly, she wasn’t having it either. Food could have been a big issue, but with all the dogs that stay in my home, they are always fed separately except my own two. Jack was extremely difficult to break from marking in the house. For a time he had to wear a belly band. And for a time he had to be leashed to me at all times in the house, but he even peed on my leg. Teaching him to get along with my kitty was another big hurdle. German Shorthair Pointers are known to have a high prey drive and can’t always live with cats. Fortunately my cat Ella isn’t a cat that just backs down right away. She isn’t mean but she figures it’s her house and she’s not going anywhere. Every other second, Jack had to be reminded to stop hunting her or staring at her. Allowing them to fixate only make the problem worse.  Along the way, he took advantage of a time where she was in a vulnerable place, which gave him enough time to run at her full speed, and instinctively she ran to the first thing she could climb up, which happened to be a very very tall tree.  Even the first branch was extremely high. It took 2 and a half days to figure a way to get her down. (A whole nother story!) To add to all that, Jack had very bad separation anxiety. Anytime he saw me leaving or arriving he couldn’t contain his anxiety. Every time I drove up to the dock, I could already see him running from room to room jumping on the windows. It was all I could do to get the boat docked, tied up and run up to the house to stop him from shredding all the blinds and destroying the window sills. After 8 months of living with me, he was much better but not perfect. The day he left, the house seemed so calm, despite 8 other dogs being there! Last I heard he lives with a younger guy who absolutely loves him and his girlfriend who is not at all impressed that he still growls at her!

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