Every Dog Has a Story is Born


Every Dog Has a Story photography


A new business name. After doing business for 10 years as Sporthorse Photography, I ran into a little hiccup in Canada.  Apparently, to register a business name there, the first word of the business name can not be a descriptive word.  In other words, Sporthorse describes the type of photography and therefore was not accepted. So I had to come up with something new. One of the favorite things about my job, is whenever I meet someone with their dog, horse, cat or pet, I get to hear such great stories. Each one so unique whether it’s their life story or just a story from a small snippet of their life. It’s the stories that highlight their character and part of what makes us love each one. And to be able to illustrate these stories, with images that capture, ‘that look’, and their beauty both inside and out, images that keep the moments from fading.

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