Meredith Manor – a college ALL about horses

My love for horses and desire to pursue a career with horses led me to Meredith Manor International Equestrian College in Waverly, West Virginia.  I specialized in the discipline of Dressage with an emphasis on training horses and teaching lessons.  I was even able to bring my own horse, Autumn who excelled with beginning students, teaching lessons and jumping. Instructors included Nancy Wesolek-Sterrett, Faith Meredith, Ron Meredith, Ginny OConnor, Kim Hall.  The college was hands on horses, from before the sun rose to well after it set teaching us all aspects of horse care, riding an abundance of different types of horses at all levels of training from just under saddle to advanced dressage.  The horses training program I emphasized in also provided opportunities to learn advanced groundwork to starting them under saddle and preparing them for all sorts of situations.  In the teaching program, I had the opportunity to learn teaching methods and gave us plenty of opportunities to teach, the public horseback riding lessons.

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