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Bailey in an Article about Older Dogs by Huffington Post

Senior Chocolate Labrador Retriever in Huffington Post

Bailey a 14-year-old Chocolate Labrador Retriever modeling for an article, “A Day After #NationalPuppyDay, Remember Older Dogs Need Love Too – why adopting a senior dog might be the best choice.” by Hilary Hanson published by the Huffington Post.

Bailey has since left us but is still with us in spirit. Bailey was very much loved by her mom and everyone who met her.  I had the opportunity to photograph Bailey a couple of times when she stayed in my home in North Vancouver, British Columbia. Bailey lived downtown Vancouver, so I would pick her up in my boat nearby in Coal Harbor.  Bailey had always been around boats but at 14 her enthusiasm was much stronger than her legs and hips, so I’d pile up 4 or 5 dog beds to give her extra cushioning.  Going through the Vancouver Harbor, under the Iron Workers Bridge through the Burrard Inlet, north, almost to the top of the Indian Arm we would go, much slower than average for her benefit.  Many of our guests were younger and more energetic, spending the day jumping off the dock and swimming.  Bailey was just as happy to watch everyone having fun, her tail never stopped wagging.

Bailey was such a pleasure to have and was definitely a testament to the benefits of an older dog.  One look in her soulful eyes and she was yours.


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