We'd Love To Hear From You
We'd Love To Hear From You
We'd Love To Hear From You
We'd Love To Hear From You
We'd Love To Hear From You
We'd Love To Hear From You

Sorry, unfortunately there just isn’t a budget to pay models.. This has to be something that you want to do for fun, have the time for and bragging rights if your dog gets picked. For this type of work, we do it all on spec. Quite a few other photographers will also be submitting their work. With the age of digital and the stock photography industry, the pay has gotten extremely low. On occasion, we do ‘commercial photoshoots’, which is where a company hires me to get a very specific picture to advertise their product. In these cases, I have a budget to pay a dog model, and when I can, I pick a model I have previously worked with, who has a higher level of training or I know will be suitable to work with and sometimes a specific look that the company requests.

This project is for dog calendars published by Brown Trout & Willow Creek Press but in addition, to submitting for the 2021 year, we can submit year after year and we have opportunities to submit to other publications such as Dog Fancy, Popular Dogs, Dogster, Magnet & Steel calendars, Bright Day calendars, AKC, photography stock sites and more.

Currently, we are ONLY shooting in these locations:

  1. Leftovers Beach – AFTERNOONS ONLY between Haleiwa and Waimea Bay. 1 mile from Waimea Bay on the Haleiwa side
  2. Ke Iki Beach – morning or afternoon
  3. Fresh Airs – morning or afternoon
  4. Kaiaka Beach Park – morning only
  5. Makaha Beach – as a backup location if it’s raining on the North Shore
  6. Kualoa State Park
  7. Backyards Beach

Here is some more info that explains what goes into picking a location.

There are quite a few variables that go into how the images come out, but the location, time and lighting are big ones. We have regular locations that we’ve already scouted out. We always scout out our locations prior to scheduling so we can best be prepared for the conditions such a the background, lighting, crowds, tides, special events and other factors that go into the best results.

We are aiming to schedule for around sunrise or about 1 & 1/2 hours before sunset, so about 7:30 am or 5 pm. The exact times change throughout the year as well as the location, but we’re looking to shoot when it’s not too bright out, or too dark. The forecast obviously plays into this and unfortunately isn’t so predictable, so a little flexibility is appreciated.

Casting call photoshoots last about 45min. This can vary on your dog, conditions, and how much time you have available. If at any time you feel your dog has had enough, please tell us! You know what is best for your pup! If you intend on viewing the edited photoshoot at our Haleiwa location, we prefer to schedule additional shooting time (up to 30min more) to provide you with a larger selection of images to pick from. Please let us know in advance.

Safety is our number one concern. You know your pet best, so we rely on your judgment. If you have any concerns about your dog, please let us know. Hearing a bit about your dog can also play into picking a location! Things like is he comfortable with other dogs/people? Trustable to be off leash? Our locations are open to the public so he/she must get along with other dogs and people. Please let us know if your dog’s recall (come command) isn’t good or if there is any chance they’d run away.

Nope! However we want to make sure your dog is safe, won’t run away or get into trouble with other dogs or people. For this, we rely on your judgment that this is a suitable experience for your dog. We’ve photographed dogs from days old to seniors, from mellow to completely crazy. Our approach is very casual. You don’t need to worry about your dog posing or listening to commands. We prefer to allow them the freedom to enjoy themselves like any other trip to the park/beach and wait for the right moment rather than trying to force it.

The survival of our business relies on trying to do as many photoshoots as possible. We only have a maximum of two spots per day and that’s if the weather cooperates. In the past, we’ve had a high rate of last minute cancellations and we just ask that you try to schedule on a day that you know you can commit to and if something comes up, to please give us as much notice as possible. THANK YOU!! 🙂

Please bring a signed property release. Bring anything else that you might bring on a regular trip out with your dog, such a towel, water, toys. Keep in mind that any logos, tags with personal information, or props that aren’t in good condition might prevent a publishing company from being able to use the images. We often bring things to the photoshoot like water, wipes to clean up face, complimentary color balls, but feel free to bring anything you think would add to the photo shoot.

PLEASE check your email before leaving for your photoshoot in case of any last-minute changes. It’s helpful to have the flexibility to change locations for example to the east side if it’s rainy elsewhere. Feel free to keep an eye on the weather yourself and if you have any concerns, contact us any time.

Of course! We love showing you the pictures! There is no obligation to purchase anything but you have the opportunity to if you love the pictures. (You probably will!)

We offer many things from keepsake 5×7 prints for $20, to 20×30 ready to hang canvases for $500 and bigger. All our products have been researched for quality, color, and archival qualities. We don’t offer cheap products that will fade. For a better idea of prices please visit our pricing guide which has our basic pricing but we also offer many other sizes and options which can be discussed at an in-person picture viewing, where you will have an opportunity to see the products and view the edited images on a large TV put to music and use a very helpful software that guides you through the selection process.

Please allow and expect plenty of time to receive your order and plan accordingly for gifts or other deadlines. We are always working hard on multiple projects and can’t miss our deadlines. We’d like to let you know that the results from this project don’t happen overnight and we ask that you be patient with us through the editing and printing. We carefully edit each picture so an entire photoshoot typically has about 4-5 hours editing before the picture premiere but additional editing goes into images being sent to print. Turnaround time varies and can be longer with our travel schedule between California, Utah, and Hawaii.. We prefer to hand off orders personally, and our printing lab is located in California. We travel to Hawaii 4+ times a year.

Sorry! We cannot distribute digital copies. (Email, online galleries, etc.)

The best part of the job is letting dog parents know their dog has been picked!! Occasionally that can be quick but most times it’s a process. Between our editing process, getting the images in front of editors, going through their selection, editing, printing process, etc. The two main calendar companies that this project is aimed for notifies us a year in advance, however, can make last-minute changes. There have been times that images are still being picked 10+ years after the photoshoots. When it comes to pictures that go through a stock agency, where the images could possibly be used for a variety of things from blogs to print we aren’t notified where the images end up but we do reverse image searches to try to find them and notify you whenever possible. If you find the image before we do please let us know!!

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Tara Adair
Creative Director
 Clients Say
Wallace the Sheltie
Anna James Acosta
Wallace's Mom
So I had photos taken of my Shetland sheepdog, Wallace on Christmas Eve at the Del Mar dog beach. What a fun experience! She was really so relaxed and I was quite impressed with how she just casually followed Wallace around (who was running around like crazy.)
Picking the photos after she edited everything was my favorite part. There was so many to choose from!! She really had a lot of different options which was great. In the end I got two prints and one canvas. The quality was amazing and I loved chatting with her when I went to pick the photos and prints. It was fantastic working with her! She made everything easy and fun to do. This was my first experience with a photographer and she really set the bar high for any photography I need in the future. But if you ever need pet photos, I’d greatly recommend her!!
Black Labrador Retriever dog
Matteo's Mom

I replied to a casting ad Tara had posted almost 6 years ago in Vancouver for pure bred black labs she could photograph for a calendar. I am so happy I replied because it was a great experience. Tara was amazing. She made everything very comfortable and casual, and she was genuinely happy to be there. We chatted often about our dogs and how similar her puppy was to mine and how they should meet. She had invited me to her home so I could see the photos and so our dogs could play. Sadly, whenever Tara would send me an invite I was not available and vice versa. I was unable to get out to see her before she moved back to California. Tara always stayed in touch with me and would tag me in pictures my dog whenever she would post one or if a photo of him was used in an online article, she would tag me in it as well. Many years later I asked Tara if she still happened to have the photos from his photo shoot as I wanted to get some prints. Much to my surprise, she still had them almost 5 years later. We set up a date and time to skype and look at the photos and wow, there was a lot of photos. Tara was incredibly patient with me when it came to choosing the pictures I wanted (I think she spent at least 2 hours with me). It was very difficult to choose because almost all of them were beautiful shots. I ended up buying 18 prints? in different sizes, and 1 canvas. I am in Canada and expected it would take a bit longer to arrive, but everything arrived in a very reasonable time frame and I LOVE all of the photos, as well as the many others who requested one of her pictures of my pup. Thank you Tara! I will definitely cherish every single photo!!

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